Disc Golf Apparel: What to Wear?

EVERY Disc Golf Company puts out some sort of apparel. You know what it is, a t-shirt, a hoody, a hat. What about when the weather changes, and shorts and a tee just wont cut it anymore? It’s officially November, the days are cooler, and when you leave for that tournament in the morning its a lot cooler. So we wanted to find some disc golf apparel for Winter. it was tougher than we thought.

Lets start off with our first Google search. “Disc Golf Apparel”


Tons of hits come up as they should. BUT, the top choices for disc golf companies don’t even mention “apparel”. Disc Golf Store and Clearwater Disc Golf both are at the top of the search results. In their page descriptions, the word “apparel” isn’t mentioned. Surprising to us was the appearance of the AVG DG Hoody in the “Sponsored Links” on the right side. We didn’t pay for that, but OK.

So this wasn’t really any help. The reason, when you visit those sites you get hoodies, t-shirts, and hats. We know about all that already. We’re looking for some serious gear. Some pants, some tops that are warm, but flexible enough to throw in and so on.

Subsequent searches for “Disc Golf Pants” & “Disc Golf Tops” produced similar results.

What do you suggest wearing in the cold winter months? Comment below. 


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