Disc Golf and Headphones

You’ve seen them on the course. Players with headphones in their ears, playing disc golf. You may even get them on your card for a round. Does it bother you? Do you even care?

Personally, I don’t mind all that much as long as they pay attention to when it is their turn to putt or throw. I am not a big talker anyway, especially during tournaments. Someone zoned out into their music has no affect on my game. I just don’t like if we have to constantly tell them it is their turn because they don’t hear what is going on around them, or they’re not paying attention.

What about playing with headphones? I do many things a lot better when I have some music to listen to. Disc golf just isn’t one of those things. I like to hear the wind, the birds, the bang of the chains. I like to be immersed into my surroundings and try to zone out on just disc golf, and my next shot.

Comment below with your input, thoughts, comments…
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