Disc Golf a Sport? 63% Say So….

SB Nation posted an article about fringe sports and whether or not they are classified as a sport. Disc Golf was voted a sport by 63% of people polled. We’d love to hear your comments/thoughts/reactions (post below).

Football, basketball, baseball, hockey. We know these are sports, there’s no doubting it — but what about some more fringe activities we don’t talk about all the time? Now there’s a graph that helps us see what people think are sports, and which are pretenders.

There are some interesting results by opening this up to a public poll.

  • 67 percent of respondents say Formula 1 racing is a sport, but that drops to 59 percent for NASCAR.

  • Ultimate Frisbee is considered more of a sport than six sports that are eligible at the Olympic or Winter Olympic games.

  • 75 percent of people say Jai Alai is a sport, which means 25 percent of people don’t know what Jai Alai is. Definitely a sport.

  • More people think bowling is a sport than rock climbing.

  • Sorry poker.

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