DGA Pro Line Sail Review

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The Pro Line Sail is the new under-stable distance driver from DGA (Disc Golf Association). DGA kindly sent us three discs in three different weights. Quite noticeably out of the box was the pop top that each disc had. They were all pretty domey. These are the First Flight or first run so they may make some subtle changes later. For now, I want to discuss the three that I received and threw.

Feel/Grip – The Pro Line Plastic feels very nice. The purple Sail that was sent even had some swirls in it. It looks good and feels good. This line of plastic probably most compares to Star (Innova) or Fuzion (Dynamic Discs) plastic. The rim on the sail is very thin. Personally that is how I like my drivers. I am a big fan of the Thunderbird and the Tern so a thinner rim is always nice to me. The plastic feels good and I think it will hold up very well over time.

Flight – If you know anything about flight numbers, you will recognize immediately that this disc is very under-stable. With a flat release  (RHBH) the Sail will glide straight for just a bit before turning over very slowly and finishing right. In a hyzer flip situation you can get more of a straight flight before it turns over. This is what this disc is made to do. Especially for experienced or bigger arm players. For new players the Sail will give them maximum distance because it is more forgiving for a slower arm speed. New players should experience a full helix when throwing this disc and possibly see some of their longest drives.

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Overall – This disc is going be great for new players. The DGA Sail will give new players a chance to thrower farther, more consistently. For experienced players you can use the Sail for long, slow, anhyzer shots. The Pro Line plastic is durable, grippy, and will season slow enough for players to learn and trust their disc. The DGA Sail is highly recommended.

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