DGA Pipeline – Reviewed

First, I want to give a shout out to DGA (Disc Golf Association) for sending me some discs to throw around. This is one of their latest releases, the Pipeline in ProLine Plastic. The Pipeline is a fairway driver that is super straight.

I have had this in my bag for a few months now and it has quickly become a go to disc for me. In the past, I usually throw a disc I’m reviewing  a handful of times until I have an idea of how it feels and flies. With the Pipleline, I put it into my bag and used it during real round situations and in most situations, this disc flew incredibly above my expectations. For those that follow my blog/reviews, you know I am a huge Innova fan, but the Pipeline is well on it’s way to replacing a certain disc in my bag that it is very similar to.

Let’s compare the two right now.

DGA Pro Line Pipeline8502
Innova G-Star TL38401

I use the TL3 for straight tunnels shots that range from 250 to 325 feet. I really like the TL3, in fact it has made an “In The Mixed Bag” article. But this review isn’t about the TL3, it is about why the Pipeline is probably going to replace my TL3.

The Pipeline is more of a consistent flyer. I know that the flight of the disc has more to do with me throwing it than the disc itself, but I get more consistent results when I throw the Pipeline. It holds a nice straight line and has slight hookup at the end. Of course this is in ideal wind conditions. You can see in the video above the different flight paths in other wind conditions. That’s World Champion Jon Baldwin throwing it though, not me.

For an Advanced level player, this disc is reliably straight. I use it on a few holes at my local course including one hole3with water all the way down the right side (shown in picture). Assuming I hit my line, the Pipeline flies straight down the “Pipe” and finishes softly towards the pin. My birdie chances have improved since throwing this disc on the hole. I have tried various discs here, but the Pipeline has proven to give me the best results so far.

The ironic thing is, when you compare the flight numbers above, you would think the Pipeline is more stable than a TL3. In my experience, this isn’t the case. I know people comment about the inconsistency from disc to disc from Innova, and maybe that’s the case, but the Pipeline is actually a bit less stable than my TL3. I get more glide with less of a hookup at the end.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s how I throw the disc. But if you like a TL3 or are looking for a straight reliable fairway driver, you really need t try the DGA Pipeline! I know I really like it.

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