Catrina Allen’s Dominance in 2016

Considering the start that Catrina Allen has had to 2016, I can no longer ignore her dominance. Allen just keeps winning. Every weekend she adds another trophy to her mantle. The fact that she is winning so much isn’t surprising, it is by how much and how often she wins. Her normal counterparts include Paige Pierce, Val Jenkins, Sarah Hokom and a handful of others, but none of the previously mentioned players are on Catrina’s level this year. For comparison sake lets take a look at Catrina’s 2016 season compared to perhaps the best season ever from Paul McBeth in 2015.

PlayerEventsNT/Major WinsA-Tier WinsB-Tier WinsWorst Finish
McBeth 2015102513rd
Allen 2016113331st

*Allen also played in the Open Division for two events finishing 13th and 45th respectively. Stats above are from the Open Women Division only.

In the Pro Women Division for her first 11 events of the year, Catrina Allen hasn’t lost. Her average margin of victory is 12.5 strokes. These include an 8 stroke margin over Valarie Jenkins at the Kansas City Wide Open and 17 stroke margin over Paige Pierce at the Glass Blown Open. Admittedly, the competition level at most of her stops isn’t as high as the NT stops, Catrina is still winning and winning big.

On her great play recently, Allen attributed part of it to her listening sessions of “Golf is Not a Game of Perfect” by Bob Rotella with her husband Paul Ulibarri. Catrina also stated that the work over the past 5 years on her physical fitness has her feeling “Like it’s all clicking”.26859876805_8a6f3a5c46_z

Heading into this weekend’s Masters Cup event, Catrina is the favorite in Santa Cruz. Looking to improve on her 3rd place finish a year ago, Allen is fresh off wins at the Kansas City Wide Open and the Utah Open the last 2 weeks. In regards to her approach this weekend Catrina told SmashboxxTV “I think DeLa (DeLaveaga) is the most, of all the courses you play, the most mentally tough”. This weekend may be her toughest test so far as her 3rd place finish in 2015 was to Paige Pierce and Valarie Jenkins. Both very capable of pushing Catrina from the top of the podium for the first time this year. That remains to be seen but for now, my money is on Catrina Allen.

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