Breaking in the Warden

Back in the middle of December, we received our AVG Supporter’s Packs. Things have been hectic ever since. Since then, the Classic Warden by Dynamic Discs has been in our bag. We always wanted to throw it, and with the Supporter’s Pack including an AVG DG stamped Warden, how could we not put it in our bag?

It has become our go-to up shot disc. We don’t putt with it cause we still love our trusty Gateway Wizard, but the Warden’s flight is predictable and trustworthy. As it has begun to break in, it is flying straighter and straighter. We are very confident on shots up to 200 feet. If you have yet to try a Warden, consider snagging one and putting it in your bag. You never know what disc will be your next favorite until you throw it.

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