Box 4 Discs – Why They Are Better

Over 7500 have been sold to date!

Why are our boxes better? A better fit… Notice the no room for even a high speed driver along the side – less storage wear. A better material for storing… Notice the wear pattern of damage on the end of this ten year old gray bin on the left… Remember there have been discs on the end participating in that damage. More compact… Less space to store more discs… And there is a full depth lid… Who hasn’t spilled a buckhorn?

tumblr_mxpzkmsSsD1rmbculo1_1280The boxes are durable – the handle ends are a full inch thick…

To be fair… A gray bin is longer… But our boxes are easier to get through doorways, stairwells and into trunks, camper tops, and vehicle doors. Not to mention they can be tipped full vertical to get into tight spots… Here is a neat little trick – to help reduce discwear in a moving vehicle when a box is not completely full of discs… Load it vertically.

Don’t get us wrong… the buckhorn gray bin is not junk – they are just very expensive and hard to find unless you want to put in a $1,500.00 order to the distributor. If someone already has them – they should keep them… just line them with cardboard or cut pool noodles so the storage bin walls in contact with the discs aren’t harder than the discs themselves and to take up the extra space in the bins to further reduce storage wear.

But if you need some #discgolf storage cheap and readily available – give us a go – – use the code BX4D20TUMBLR at check out and save 20%

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