Blackhawk DGC – Tulsa, OK

Hey guys, just wanted to share my thoughts on Blackhawk Disc Golf Course in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is a new course for me, and I always like to share my thoughts on the course on the site. Mohawk Park is this huge piece of property that has the Blackhawk DGC, Redhawk DGC, and the Tusla Zoo all in one enclosed area. The park upon entry looked very well kept, inviting and organized. According to DGCourseReview, this is the nicest disc golf course in Tulsa. It had the highest rating and had hosted the Oklahoma Open, so I was eager to give it run and test my skills on it. The first hole was a narrow straight shot (see image) that looked easier than it was. With a solid backhand or two finger, you could get a birdie, but it was a tough hole to start with, playing the course for the first time. I lost my Star Vulcan, which is my favorite driver! Bummed out about that still. The course was wooded, but many of the shots I found were wooded leading into an open area. I quickly learned the importance of keeping my drives in the fairway. I had to retrieve several from the bushes, and at one point threw my 2nd shot off of a log, in a creek bed. The course condition was pretty good. Like I said it was heavily wooded, and a lot of the area was swampy. We were dealing with bugs, muddy walkways, and heavy bushes. Nothing to different then what I am used to. The course had concrete teepads, and discatcher baskets. I always seem to like courses better when they use the same setup as my home courses in regards to teepads and baskets. I think it was holes 9-11, they were setup around a big body of water.

Each shot brought the water in play, and was challenging. People fishing, didn’t help much, but it was cool to see the park being used by a wide variety of people, and shots on each of the holes that tested your accuracy. Beside the muddy areas, and the trash that lined the walkways, the course was pretty nice. There is a fair mix of long and short holes, and backhand and sidearm holes as well. I believe my final score was a 64, but I am not sure what the par was. There were several par 4′s, and deservedly so. I would go out and say it was the toughest course I have ever played, but I think I left many shots out there. An interesting note I thought worth sharing would be the use of Innova baskets, and DGA signs. I haven’t seen a course with the mix if companies like that. There was benches and garbage cans spread out throughout the course which was nice to see, it was simply a shame that a lot of the trash was on the ground still. Overall I look forward to playing the course again, shooting a better score, and enjoying the natural beauty that the course, and the park in general provided.


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