Beta Tester Application

Hey there. We’re looking for some beta testers for a website we are developing. We will keep the application open until we have found the beta testers we want. If you meet the criteria listed below, feel free to submit your application and we will get back to you. Thanks!
*Please note, your applications will go straight to the developer of the site, not on any type of email list.

  • I sell at least 10 discs per month online.
  • I sell my discs using a variety of formats.
  • I have a good reputation as a seller.
  • I have positive reviews in Disc Golf Buyer Feedback Facebook Group
  • I don’t mind being vetted before chosen to be a beta tester.
  • I can provide helpful, detailed feedback on my experience.

Think you’re a match? Submit your application below.

Beta Application

  • All information is required. Please use the names as you have them on your Facebook profile. If we can't check your selling feedback, then we cannot approve your application.


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