AVG Disc Golf Going into 2016

The Average Disc Golf website is headed into its 2nd full year of existence. Since inception, we have learned quite a bit about the website, our audience, and what you all like and don’t like. We have made changes, including a complete face lift this summer. We work hard to provide one of the best online experiences for any disc golf enthusiasts who visit. Your support is appreciated. Going into 2016, we have some small goals we will be working to attain. Here is what you can look for as we head into the new year.

  1. More Trilogy – More Trilogy based videos, reviews, and your favorite, GIVEAWAYS! Have you seen our newest video series, “Danny’s Trilogy Report”?
  2. More personal disc golf posts. We think it’s time to open up a bit and share our stories with you.
  3. Less scattered information. We will be defining and organizing the site in a way that will allow you the most fluid experience.
  4. More tournament coverage. We will be working to expand the tournament videos we post and start getting more local content included. You can always use our Submission form to notify us of your media content.
  5. More free stuff. We do many a giveaway all year long, but we want to start doing giveaways more frequently, with smaller items and more winners.
  6. Small DG Company Outreach. Are you a small business owner in the growing niche of disc golf? Do you have a new product or company that we can share with our growing audience? We want to hear from you!

Hopefully that doesn’t seem like too much, but we want to continue expanding our reach and spreading the love for a sport we care about so much! Thanks for keeping up with and we wish you many birdies and fewer bogies in 2016.



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