AVG DG Supporters Update!

It’s going to be an Average Christmas!

Supporters! We have been waiting 3 months for this! The Judges and Wardens have arrived! So here is the very latest!

  1. Discs, Coozies, and Lanyards are all in!
  2. We are waiting on Dri-Fits (We Hope to Receive by Friday the 12th)
  3. Random colors and weights were sent for Judges and Wardens. They will also go out to Supporters randomly.

If we receive the dri-fits by Friday, we will spend the weekend getting the packages ready and ship them out Monday. If we receive them Monday, they will all go out on Tuesday! This means you will receive them by Christmas! We are so excited to get these out to all of you who believed in us and patiently waited.

We do have a question.

Dynamic Discs sent us more Wardens than we ordered and less Judges than we ordered by about 10. Now, we can contact them and have them fix it, OR if roughly 10 of you don’t mind receiving a Warden instead of a Judge, we will swap out.

So, if you want to be one of the 10 who helps us with this little dilemma, comment below in the Facebook Comments Area ↓ We only need about 10 people to do it.


That’s right! Remember we are going to Refund a Supporters Pack and give the same person a Dynamic Discs Lucid Thief! This person will be drawn at random, and their items will arrive with their supporters pack! Will it be you?


We want your Supporter Pack images! When you receive your package, it would be awesome to get images of you with your gear! The feedback will be used to promote for next year! You can post them on our Facebook wall, or you can use the Submissions Page on the website!

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