AVG DG Named Offical Sponsor of Vintage Putting Championships

We are asked all the time about sponsoring tournaments or donating to a cause. Our site being less than 2 years old doesn’t really generate excess revenue for us to put towards sponsoring tournaments. We have donated something here or there, but we really wanted to get more involved. In 2016 Average Disc Golf will be the title sponsor of the Vintage Disc Golf Putting Championships.  Local to us, Vintage Disc Golf has grown each year to include more players, larger payouts, and more proceeds to their cause. You can learn more about Vintage Disc Golf here.

For the 2016 Putting Championships we will be providing 4 Dynamic Discs bags, including (2) Ranger bags for payout. Here is the format for the event according to the Vintage DG website.

 It will be $5 per attempt with unlimited attempts within the time allowed.  The course will be open from 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  Rounds consist of one player at a time putting twice from various locations around the gym marked by minis. Each spot is worth a variety of points. Rounds are untimed.  Players can attempt as many times as desired ($5 per attempt).

At 8:00 PM the top 4 players will enter tournament bracket style (think NCAA March Madness) for 1st through 4th place.  Random draws for Round 1. Player with most points moves on to the next round.

Average Disc Golf is excited to be the sponsor for this event and we look forward to expanding our ability to sponsor events in the near future! Stay Tuned!

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