AVG DG 2016 DD Bag Giveaway!

Our first giveaway of the year was announced last week to our e-mail subscribers. If you’re not a subscriber, you may want to get signed up cause in order to win, you will have to be on the list!

So, this year we are focusing on (2) of our social media accounts and increasing our numbers. The first is Twitter and the second is YouTube. We want to hit certain milestone numbers. So for a little incentive we are going to giveaway…

(2) Dynamic Discs Soldier Bags & Mystery Discs!

So, when our YouTube subscriber count hits 1500, a bag will be given away to someone on our e-mail list. When our Twitter follower count hits 2000, the other bag will be given away!

Not on Twitter? Not on YouTube? That’s OK, just be a subscriber to our e-mail newsletters and you’re entered to win, but you can still help the cause by spreading the word! Just share our Twitter and YouTube accounts with all your friends. Let them know about this giveaway and be sure to join our newsletter list! That’s it!

You can help us reach this goal by sharing this article. Follow us on Twitter or Subscribe on YouTube directly from this page!

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