4 Things You Learn by Playing with Better Players

One of the things we hear from beginning or inexperienced golfers is that they sometimes feel “intimidated” when playing with really good golfers, and it keeps them from enjoying themselves on the course.

But you know what? Unless your name is Paul McBeth, there’s always going to be someone out there better than you.

Here are four things you can learn by playing with better disc golfers.

1. Observe what the better players are doing.

You can observe things like pre-shot routine, breathing, deep breaths, etc. Maybe some of these can be incorporated into your game.

2. Better players have fun, but focus on their own games. 

The best players have fun playing golf and like to socialize like most golfers do. However, when it’s time to make their shot, they enter into their own private world. They absorb themselves in their pre-shot ritual and do their best to lock out distractions.

“You should also focus on your own game, not what others may be thinking of you. You do this by staying in the present with every shot. As the saying goes, ‘The past has already happened and the future hasn’t happened yet, so all you can control is the now.’ Keep your mental imagery and self-talk positive and stay ‘in the now.’ ”

3. Don’t change your form on the course.

Take mental notes of changes you may want to make to your form, ad apply them in a practice session. Don;t try to change your gam in the middle of a round.

4. Handle intimidation by committing to one thought. 

During your pre-shot routine, keep the same thought fresh on your mind. You can repeat simple phrases like “confident and follow through” or “relax and finish”. Anything to help you focus on your next shot and zone out the intimation you might be feeling.

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