10 Questions : Will Schusterick

Average Disc Golf was able to score a brief interview with 3X USDGC Champion Will Schusterick. We asked him 10 Questions, here are his answers!

  1. How involved in the disc designing are you personally? They want to know If the top pro at Prodigy is helping to develop discs for the company. (From our Facebook Audience)
    I personally do not do any type of “hands on” designing of the discs for Prodigy. However I can say honestly that the feedback or input from the Prodigy Team does effect what we make and how we want it created. That is one thing why I chose to go with Prodigy in the first place a few years ago. If I was sponsored by any other company, I don’t have a real opinion or can I make it my own. With Prodigy, if I want it to succeed, I’m going to work extremely hard and make it succeed. Thats how the whole team feels.
  2. What is your tournament warm up process? (From our Facebook Audience)
    I really enjoy waking up early, believe it or not. I like to get up, eat a really good healthy breakfast with a good cup of coffee, get to the course and start throwing. Sometimes I’m there 2-3hrs before my tee time. There is feeling about waking up early and accomplishing set tasks that I have always enjoyed.
  3. How did you get started in Disc Golf? Do you remember your very first discs?
    I got started through my dad and later on started again because of a close friend. I had a light weight DX Aviar and DX Valkyrie. I quickly found out if I go swimming in the nearby lake I could get more discs and they were all different.
  4. How many aces do you have, or do you even keep count anymore?
    I used to sign my discs with the date and course and get my whole group to sign the disc. Now, unless it is in a tournament, I’ll take a quick selfie with my disc in the basket and post it online. For some reason people think that is much cooler 🙂
  5. Would you trade 3X USDGC for 1X World Champ? (From our Facebook Audience)
    Never! Of course I would love to be a World Champion,  but the 3 US titles I have mean WAY more than anything else that I have ever accomplished. The mental energy and preparation it took for those 3 titles could never measure up to anything else in my eyes.
  6. Which is worse in your opinion while putting? Hitting the cap, hitting the cage, or the airball?
    Straight airball is the WORST. Hitting cage or the band isn’t so bad, its usually an easy fix. Straight airball usually mean something is wrong mentally compared to physically.
  7. What is your absolute go-to disc (just one) right now in your bag? 9311259580_2ab083b133_k
    750 series M2. It has been in my bag since early May I believe. Its my favorite kind of stability in a midrange and has the plastic and grip to last a long time.
  8. Which would you recommend for a new player? Learning back hand or forehand first?
    Backhand 100%. Forehand is always going to be easier to learn, since anyone can relate that motion to something. But once a beginner learns somewhat how to throw a backhand, the potential is way higher than learning forehand.
  9. How did it feel when you 1st became a “Sponsored” player?
    I thought I was the coolest kid in the world, of course.
  10. What can we look forward to in 2016 from you and Prodigy Discs?
    In 2016 we will be having some new discs (A series) and more than a handful of new products.

You can follow will on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out his player page on the Prodigy Disc Website.

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