10 Questions: Tim Skellenger

Latitude 64 team member, Tim Skellenger answers 10 Questions for Average Disc Golf.

1. How did you get started in disc golf?

I first got started when my brother took me to Dabney State Park in 2003.

2. What were your very first discs?

The very first discs I used was a DX Banshee, A U2 putter, and a Champion Eagle.

3. When you practice, what is the thing you work on most?

When I practice I like to really work on my basics. (Upshots and Putting)

4. How many aces do you have, or do you count?

I have 70 hole in ones

5. What is you absolute “Go-To” disc in your bag right now?

My go-to disc right now is a Truth.

6. What tip or advice would you give the AVG Disc Golfer to improve their game?

If I would give a new player advice to improve there game, I would recommend learning that all discs fly different from person to person. I would also recommend listen to your piers with an open mind. You never know when someone will give you great advice!

7. Which is worse when putting? Hitting Cap, Hitting Cage, or the Airball?

I really hate air balling the putt!

8. Would you recommend a new player to learn sidearm or back hand first?

f you are a beginner I would recommend trying Forehand & Backhand to see which shot flys the best for you to start off. Then throw the one that works the best to maximize your fun on the course. If you could learn both, that is the dream.

9. What is your most memorable disc golf shot?

My most memorable disc golf shot was at the USDGC on hole 12. I was fortunate enough to have my second shot go in tho card a 2! My biggest eagle I have ever had!

10. What goals do you have for the 2015 tour/season?

My goals for the 2015 season are to play very aggressive and give it my all every shot. I hope to put myself in a position to win a major or worlds.

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