10 Questions: Sarah Hokom

2012 Women’s World Champion Sarah Hokom, answers 10 Questions for Average Disc Golf.

1. How long have you been playing disc golf and how did you get started?

I’ve been playing for a little over 7 years. I was first invited to play with a friend and really enjoyed it. Within weeks of first playing, I eagerly joined a weekly fall doubles league. I started competing in local tournaments within a few months and started traveling to compete as an amateur in sanctioned events after about six months.

2. Do you remember your first discs?

My first disc was an orange 149 Valkyrie with a pretty rainbow stamp and I putted with a glow Wizard.

3. How many Aces do you have or do you keep count?

I kept track for awhile, but have since lost count! I think I am in the 20+ range right now. Still waiting on my first 2015 Ace!

4. What is your GO-TO disc right now, in your bag?

Prodigy 400 Proto D2, 170g

5. For the AVG Player, what tip or advice would you give them to improve their game?

I think the average golfer could really benefit from a session with a knowledgeable and proven disc golf instructor. But if you don’t have a qualified instructor near you, I think most people could benefit from involving more of their lower body in their throw. Get a little bit more bend in the knees to allow you to push off the ground and through all the big muscle groups in your lower body. This should also increase the action through your hips and torso and eventually give you more power.

6. When you practice, what do you focus on the most?

My focus changes depending on the time of year and the type of practice. In general, I focus on my form a lot more in the offseason, while my focus is more on learning the courses and throwing consistent shots during the season.

7. Which is worse when putting? Hitting Cap, Hitting Cage, or the Airball?


8. You are of course a World Champ! How did it feel when you hit that putt to seal the win?

The feeling was like nothing else in the world! Exhilaration, Joy, Relief, Gratitude….all jumbled up in a ball of excitement!

9. You’re primarily a side arm thrower. Should new players learn that or the back hand first?

I think new players should throw whichever way is most comfortable for them at first. Keep it fun and learn how frisbees fly, then start to develop other throws. In the end, its important to be able to throw all the shots.

10. What goals do you have for the 2015 season/year?

My goals are to play consistent throughout the season, finishing in the top of the field in all of my events as well as winning a few big events, among others. I am striving to continue my fitness and training goals while travelling on the road during the season and I am focusing heavily on launching some awesome new things with the apparel company, Cali Connection Disc Golf. The season is right around the corner and I am really looking forward to kicking it off right! Check out my website to stay updated or connect with me! www.sarahhokom.com

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