10 Questions: Paul Ulibarri

Thanks to Paul Ulibarri for participating in our “10 Questions” interview. We’re looking forward to a stellar 2016 from Uli.

1. How did you get into disc golf?
A good friend growing up started to play and invited me one day.

2. What were your very first discs?
My very first disc was a purple DX Archangel!!

3. What are your top 3 courses to play?
Smugglers Notch Resort permanent course recently jumped into my to 3, I really enjoy Jarva Disc golf course in Stockholm Sweden, and I also really love to play Maple Hill.

4. How many aces do you have, do you still keep count?
First shot Aces for money, meaning like leagues, or tournaments I have over 75+, and first shot aces all together I’m probably well over 150.

5. For the average player trying to improve their game, what piece of advice would you give them?
YouTube how to videos, watch and ask a lot of questions when there is a better player around you or you are playing with. It’s really important to learn the right way early so you do not develop bad habits.

6. What is the absolute “go-to” disc in your bag currently?
My go to disc right now is a tie between my 750 M2, and my 750 F2, both are at the perfect stability. I’ve worn them in perfectly and I just love throwing both.

7. If you weren’t a touring pro, what would you be doing for a career?
I’m not 100 percent for sure about how this question, but I’m thinking it would have had to be somewhere along the lines of a professional athlete in another sport it at least perusing a career in athletics.

8. About putting, your style is very unique, how did you develop that?
I’ve really always had my unique style, when I was hyzer putting and it got windy I always switched to the anhyzer, so a couple years ago I said well I’m just going to always put anhyzer, it’s worked well for me but there is no telling when I will switch my style, I love reinventing my game.

9. Whats the key to a quality jump putt?
Simple Visualization!! Visualizing your putt going in before you even putt it. I’m talking the exact flight path, speed, what the wind is going to do to it, then try and replicate it. Visualization.

10. What can we look forward to in 2016 from you and any sponsors?
I’m going to be Representing Prodigy Discs, Crush Clothes, Deuce Squad, and Tomahawk shades!!

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