10 Questions: Patrick Brown

Team Innova Pro, Patrick Brown, answers 10 Questions for Average Disc Golf. Read Up!

1. How did you and when did you get into disc golf?

I really got my addiction to disc golf in 2003. I came across the course on a broken leg, started my rehabilitation and never left.

2. What were your first discs?

Rocs, Cobras, and Aviars

3. How many aces do you have, and do you keep count?


4. What is your favorite disc to use right now?

Star XD, FD, PD, Destroyers, P2’s

5. When you practice, what do you work on most?

Putting and field work and more Putting!

6. What advice would you give the Average Disc Golf player to improve their game?

Work on a proper form and practice putting and touch.

7. Which is worse? Hitting the Cap, Hitting The Cage, or the Airball?

I feel the air ball is worse, you want to be online at least.

8. What is the best and worst thing about traveling for the sport?

The best is all of the new people that become family, the worst is airports.

9. During the final round of the USDGC, what was going through your head the last nine holes, particularly when JohnE McCray played hole 17?

WIN! WIN! WIN! As for JohnE he did what he was supposed to do, he stuck to his routine.

10. What goals do you have going into 2015?

Do my best to represent the companies and fans that support me in this game that we LOVE!


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