10 Questions: Nate Sexton

Team Innova Pro, Nate Sexton answers 10 Questions for Average Disc Golf.

1. How did you get started playing disc golf?
I got started disc golfing with my Dad when the first course was installed in our town. We played Ultimate Frisbee already, but started playing disc golf in the fall of 2000.

2. What were the first discs you owned?
My first disc was an early 80’s Eagle, similar to what is now called the Aero. I also used my Ultimate disc in the early days. My first driver was a DX Leopard I think.

3. Which is worse when putting? Hitting the Cap, Hitting the Cage, The Airball?
Airball is the worst, hitting cage is also pretty frustrating. Hitting the basket a little high is the least frustrating type of miss to me.

4. When you practice, what do you work on most?
It all depends on what needs work. I practice whatever part of my game I am unhappy with, putting is the most common thing I practice because it is the easiest to get out and do.

5. What’s the best tip you can give an Average Disc Golf player?
Throw more under stable discs! Learn to control angles and get a full flight from your discs, more distance with less effort!

6. How many aces do you have, do you keep count?
I don’t know, I think somewhere between 50 and 75.

7. What is your absolute “Go-To” disc currently in your bag?
Glow Firebird, nice and beat in.

8. What is the best and worst part of traveling for the sport?
The best part is seeing new places and meeting new people. The worst part is being away from my wife.

9. How did it feel when you first found out you were a “Sponsored” player?
It felt great! In 2005 I was told I needed to get my rating to 1000 to earn a spot with Innova. I think I was rated 983 at the time, I woke up the morning of the ratings update hoping I had gone up. I did a double take when I saw 1004, I think I was sponsored later that same day! I haven’t looked back since.

10. What goals do you have the 2015 season/year?
My goals for 2015 are to commit to my shots and trust myself to execute. I want to play the best golf of my career and enjoy my opportunity to play the National Tour and European Majors.

Thank you to my sponsors: Innova Champion Discs, Discmania, huk lab, Grip EQ, Keen Footwear, and Axis Sportswear.

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