10 Questions: Matt Dollar

Average Disc Golf scored a 10 question interview with Loganville, GA Pro, Matt Dollar. Here are his answers.

1. How big is your disc collection?

I have less than 200 discs. Mostly Rocs, Firebirds, Rhynos, and trophy discs.

2. For average, regular players, what is the best tip you could give them?

Practice your putting from inside the circle. The closer the better.

3. If you remember, what were the first discs you owned?

My 1st disc was a DX Viper. It’s the reason that I prefer to throw with an anhyzer. Learning to play with a really overstable disc isn’t ideal, but it made me learn my angles, and taught me to throw side arm.

4. What’s the worst thing about traveling for the sport?

The worst part of traveling is being away from loved ones. Finding places to stay is the 2nd worst part.

5. Which is worse when putting, hitting cage, hitting cap, or the air ball?

Air balls are definitely the worst. Cage or band means you’re on line and only need a small adjustment.

6. How many aces do you have total? Have you lost count?

I quit counting about 5 years ago when I hit 50. I’m probably in the 80s now.

7. What is your absolute favorite disc?

Tough question. The Firebird is my favorite because I like to throw it backhand, forehand, overhand, and thumber/forehand roller. But if I had to play casually with only one disc forever, it would be a DX Roc or a Factory Pro Rhyno.

8. What do work on most when you practice?

Hitting tight gaps and making short putts.

9. What is your favorite course to play?

Flyboy is an easy answer. But I haven’t been there in over a year. Maple Hill is also disc golf heaven.

10. What goals do you have going into the fall?

This fall/winter I’m trying to take as much time away from Disc golf as possible. It’s not easy, because I love it and it’s my passion in life. But as someone who’s been an athlete forever, I know that getting burned out can happen. I’m working during the week, so it’s hard not to go play disc golf every weekend. But my goal for this off season is to spend more time with the people (and pup) that I love!

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