10 Questions: Doug Trantham

Team Latitude 64 Pro, Doug Trantham, answers 10 Questions for Average Disc Golf.

1. How has the adjustment been to throwing all Trilogy Plastic?

I began throwing Trilogy Discs June 1, 2014 and before that, I owned just one disc. (Westside Giant). The adjustment was a big challenge up front for sure. I had the discs in my bag for only two weeks before I competed in the Kansas City Wide Open. Placed 40th out of the 72 MPO players. I had to spend many hours trying to learn new discs, flights, and styles. It took about 2 months to figure out a good sidearm disc, utility disc, backhand disc, and putter.

2. For average, regular players, what is the best tip you could give them?

Learn how to putt with confidence! Make a routine and stick to it. When I go to a course for practice, I always try to make two putts on each hole. If I make one putt, I say to myself “good job, now let’s see if you can make it again.” Building confidence in putting is very important when playing pressure disc golf.  You have to putt with confidence.

3. If you remember, what were the first discs you owned?

My first putter was an Omega Super Soft. My first fairway driver was a champion leopard.  My first driver was a DX Arc Angel.

4. Should new players learn a sidearm or backhand first?

I strongly believe players should learn a sidearm shot first. I personally learned how to throw backhand first.  I remember playing an event where I placed second in Advanced (my only advanced event ever) and the guy who beat me had a sidearm shot! He could not throw very well off the tee and would put himself in a tricky spot off the fairway. He would throw his sidearm upshot and park it. The sidearm shot can easily get you out of tricky situations when the backhand turnover may not. Dave Feldberg once told me that he wished he had learned how to throw sidearm back when he was learning disc golf, but he perfected his roller shot and will use it on long or short holes. I was able to witness some amazing rollers from him at the Minnesota Majestic in 2012.

5. Which is worse when putting? Hitting cage, hitting cap, or the air ball?

A complete air ball is by the most awful feeling! Nothing feels emptier than missing the basket, the disc never had a chance.

6. How many aces do you have total?Do you keep count?

I have less than 10 aces to my name. I honestly believe that If I hit an ACE, it was a mistake on my part. I only throw for birdies and that’s it. However, I threw my first tournament ACE in 2014 at the Battle in the Boro in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

7. What is your GO-TO disc right now in your bag?

My go-to disc is the XXX for my sidearm. My favorite backhand driver is the Moonshine Bolt. The Bolt goes BOOM!

8. What do work on most when you practice?

I work on form and concentration of every shot. People tend to get frustrated during their round and sometimes it takes one hole to ruin your entire round. I try to throw the disc where I want to throw it with accuracy and that is harder than it looks.  The mental preparation is very important. I played the Arkansas State Championships in 2013 where I was -4 under after 9 holes, then I took a disappointing 10 on the #10 hole of the round. I mentally gave up on the hole and could not overcome missed putts, roll away disc, and out of bounds! However, I literally birdied 8 of the next 8 holes to put myself back in the hunt after that. It was a great test of mental toughness for me where I had two choices: fold or move forward.

9. What is your favorite course to play?

My current favorite course is Blue Ribbon Pines in Minnesota. That course is a must see course and is featured in many disc golf media’s. The aesthetics of this course blew my mind and I loved the design. My favorite course in Arkansas is Old Post Park out of Russellville, AR.

10. What goals do you have for the 2015 season/year?

I have a few goals I would like to achieve: #1 I would like to WIN a PDGA A-Tier.  #2 Raise my PDGA Rating. #3 Finish in the cash at 90% of my events played.  #4 Be a consistent disc golf player.

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