10 Questions: Chris Eads

Average Disc Golf caught up with Pro Player Chris Eads. He is sponsored by Dynamic Discs. Chris was nice enough to partake in our 10 questions segment. Chris just finished battling it with Paul McBeth in a very tight competition at the Oklahoma Open. Here are his answers to our 10 Questions.

1. How has the adjustment been to throwing all Trilogy Plastic?

I have been throwing this plastic for almost 2 years now and I know in the beginning it was a real struggle not having discs that I knew and could trust. But now after taking some legitimate time to learn the disc itself, I have redeveloped my form and my approach to how I attack the course.

2. For average, regular players, what is the best tip you could give them?

The best tip would be to go learn your discs and what you are able to make them do. Find a field or a long open hole and throw all the discs in your bag. Learn where you could use each disc out on the course. Also keep your bag simple, don’t complicate it with discs that overlap.

3. If you remember, what were the first discs you owned?

The very first disc I ever owned was a Discraft Z Wildcat. I think I probably owned a Champion Leopard but the Wildcat was my go to.

4. What’s the worst thing about traveling for the sport?

I think for me being both a professional disc golfer and someone who also has a job outside of the sport it would have to be having to drive long distances to get home late Sunday night and still having to go to work the next morning. I would prefer to see more 3 round events and less 4 full rounds of tournament play. This would allow people to get home at a decent hour and allow people to travel greater distances to events knowing they will be out early enough to get home earlier.

5. Which is worse when putting, hitting cage, hitting cap, or the air ball?

My style of putting is a lot of North and South movement so I rarely miss the basket left or right so I would say that an air ball is worse for me because that means something went wrong on the release.

6. How many aces do you have total? Have you lost count?

I have only 1 tournament ace. I have plenty of practice aces but I just don’t keep count of those.

7. What is your absolute favorite disc?

My favorite disc would have to be the Lucid Enforcer. It’s one of those discs that I can do so much with. I use it both for forehands and backhands. I also use it for high hyzers if I need to get over obstacles or Ill use it as a low skip shot.

8. What do work on most when you practice?

Consistency. I think that is the most important thing to work on. I want to be able to hit that same line over and over so that when it comes time to execute the shot it feels natural.

9. What is your favorite course to play?

My favorite course would have to be Winthrop University in Roc Hill Sc where USDGC is held every year. It is extremely challenging and you have to stay focused from the beginning to the end if you want any chance of posting a good score.

10. What goals do you have going into 2015?

My goals are to continue to push the quality of my game to higher levels. I would like to see my rating be consistently over 1010. I would like to get an A tier win. Also next year I plan on going to Worlds in Pittsburgh Pa and I would like to have a very good showing there. Maybe a top 30 finish.

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